An Open Letter to the Organizations in the White House Press Pool

Dear Journalists,

By now it should be apparent that there is an attack on truth, and on truth-telling organizations in the United States, and its Commander-in-Chief is in the White House.

It should be apparent that press briefings from the White House, and interviews with certain of the Administration’s mouthpieces, result in a circus filled with semantic acrobatics, rather than facts and truth – which are the heart of legitimate news. And which the American people need now more than ever in recent history.

If you want to stop being vulnerable to attacks of being ‘fake news,’ then focus on finding, and presenting, the truth – and nothing but the truth – even when it is hard.

Stop the focus on the sideshow.  Stop trying to figure out what the lies mean: acknowledge the lies, and move on. Stop worrying about the clicks.

I promise, everyone’s watching.

Turn your focus to evidence, facts, professionalism, and unity. And demonstrate these to the American public.

Deny a legitimate platform to those who will not engage in civility and truth.

Find the truth elsewhere.

I urge journalists from major media outlets to unite, across companies, across borders, and boycott White House Press Briefings. Spend the time you would be unraveling incoherent propaganda to find – and give time & space to – reality, facts, evidence, and truth. In short, as so many are saying of late to Congressmen: Do Your Job.

Do not give your time to lies, or you’ll find you’ve given your time to Nothing.

I say this with absolute love, respect, and hope that you, journalists, are also truly fighting for freedom.

Warm Regards,

Carmen Monroe

Editor, Never Silent