Senator Tillis Teases with Tele-Town Hall & Talking Points

Despite North Carolinians’ best efforts at getting Senator Thom Tillis to attend a Town Hall to hear his constituents’ concerns in person, the Senator has avoided being accountable for weeks. He has opted instead to accuse concerned citizens – from both sides of the aisle – of clogging civil discourse, and to hold telephone conferences with cherry-picked participants. On March 7th, Tillis revealed his most recent effort to truly ‘dial it in’ when he announced a tele-town hall on his Facebook page an hour and a half before it began.

Since it was not really a town hall meeting, Mr. Tillis was not required to announce it ahead of time (as is the law in regards to actual Town Hall meetings). He made sure the smallest number of people would know about it, and even failed to include links to his website, the relevant phone number, or the online service where constituents could dial in. Questions were received via his email and were clearly cherry-picked for supporters and easy-to-answer questions.

You can listen to the full audio of the teleconference here.

Notable moments include:

-Mr. Tillis implying that the U.S. should imitate Israel’s actions against Palestine when securing its southern border,

-Mr. Tillis being surprised to hear that his own office was handling a veteran’s case who was in attendance (and then shamelessly insisting that said veteran should encourage his fellow vets to use his clearly inadequate services),

-Mr. Tillis soothing the sensibilities of a senior citizen who’s troubled by Nancy Pelosi’s rudeness, but who somehow still supports the current POTUS,

-And Mr. Tillis implying to a young boy that Democrats are troubled friends who need to be reminded that they are behaving badly.

Enjoy the party line talking points, Resistor friends.